Electrode-Ionization Systems

Source: Daiichi Jitsugyo (America), Inc.
Electrode-Ionization Systems

KOMAL "ED" series of Electrodeionization unit employs EDI technology to produce high purity water. EDI process systems replace conventional Dl mixed bed resins unit to produce deionized water. KOMAL EDI does not require shutdowns to regenerate the resins with chemicals or replacing resins. Consistent high purity Ultrapure water having resistivity of 12-15 Mohm .cm can be produced.

Reverse Osmosis followed by electrodeionisation and then by ultrafiltration or another stage of RO complies with USP requirement meeting the specifications for the final Rinse of primary conditioning and for non-sterile production of ointments, Liquid and Tablets. Complete unit is mounted on a single stainless steel skid. Hot water sanitizable models that shorten the time necessary for sanitization of the RO and EDI unit and Eliminates need of messy chemicals. RO-EDI is the safest and most reliable chemical free process to produce Purified Water and is well proven.

Hot water sanitization is a perfect solution to prevent microorganism growth and biofilm development without utilizing unacceptable biocide chemical. Two pass RO system with intermediate EDI or RO-EDI with final stage of UF are also an option.

UF is used for final rinse to remove pyrogens (bacterial endotoxins) from water. The UF membrane has a mol. wt. Cutoff on 10000 Dalton. Pure water permeates the membranes but partical, pyrogens, colloids, silica, bacteria and high Mol, weight organics are rejected.

Both the versions of KOMAL High Purity water system produce water of considerably better quality than current requirements of USP with conductivity less than 1 µs/cm, and TOC typically less than 500 ppb. Microbial contamination is less than 100cfu/ml.

Standard capacities are available of 250 lit/hr. to 5000 lit/hr. with custom units available for up to 25000 lit/hr