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The Eagle 2000 Plus is a digital system
The Eagle 2000 Plus is a digital system for the inspection of boiler and heat exchanger tubes from the I.D. The modular system uses an ordinary PC and specially designed software and hardware with any number of probe types and sizes.

The Eagle 2000 Plus can be run in 8-Channel, 6-Channel, Dual Channel (Differential), or Single Channel (Absolute)Modes. The unit is sensitive to pitting, cracking and general corrosion and erosion. Fully quantitative results are provided in wall remaining or percent wall reduction.

Complete coverage is attained longitudinally and circumferentially (with little or no dead space). The unit can inspect ferrous or non-ferrous, finned or unfinned and straight or bent tubes. U-Bends may be tested as well as boiler bends with complete characterization of flaws.

Common Inspection types:

  • Heat Exchangers
    (Shell & Tube, U-Bend, Air Cooler/Fin-Fan, Feedwater Heater, etc.)
  • Boilers (straight and bent tubes, including swaged tubes)
  • Short, small diameter piping runs not accessible from the O.D.

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