Datasheet | December 17, 2012

DHH805 HART® Handheld Communicator Datasheet

Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics

As part of ABB’s Mobility line of device handhelds, the DHH805 is a handheld terminal for device configuration of HART® instruments. It interfaces to a wide range of devices supporting ABB instruments with an option to support those from third party suppliers. All supported HART field devices can be configured, polled and trimmed using the Mobility DHH805. As a full function HART communicator, the Mobility DHH805 supports Universal, Common Practice, and Device Specific commands for commissioning, configuration, and maintenance operations. The Mobility DHH805 provides a full view of information in a graphic dot matrix display. It’s easy to navigate parameter scrolling capability eliminates the need to memorize menus for online or offline device configuration. The Mobility DHH805 is designed for optimum convenience and usability. It’s sleek, easy to grasp contour with thumb key access makes the Mobility DHH805 suitable for single-handed operation.