Case Study

Ashley Valley Water & Sewer Improvement District Relies On FPI Mag Flow Meter To Comply With Allocation Quota

Source: McCrometer, Inc.

By John Callison, Technical Staff, McCrometer and Michael Charnholm, Application Engineer, Goble Sampson Associates

Ashley Valley Water & Sewer Improvement District (AVWSID) serves rural county residents who live outside the city of Vernal, Utah. The water district supports a growing population of 10,000 people, as well as local ranchers and farmers who raise livestock, alfalfa, hay, various grains and feed corn.

The district’s water supply is derived from a year-round active spring additionally fed by mountain snow melt. Seasonal and weather variations can affect the output of this vital resource which the district shares with several other water entities. Accurate tracking of water use for allocation and conservation purposes is therefore extremely important for AVWSID.

The district’s drinking water plant is an up-flow clarifier, which according to its water allocation, can process eight million gallons (mgd) a day of raw water.

If the plant exceeds its water share allocation, then the district would be forced to purchase water at a more expensive rate, which affects operational costs and customer rates.