News | March 8, 2011

Anton Paar USA Announces The Release Of The Masterwave BTR Microwave Synthesis System

Source: Anton Paar USA

Anton Paar USA is proud to announce the release of the revolutionary new Masterwave BTR microwave synthesis system. Masterwave BTR is an innovative system that for the first time ever enables microwave synthesis protocols to be transferred to the scale-up or kilo lab. Fast, safe and efficient microwave heating can now produce kilogram amounts of pharmaceutical product per day.

Throughout the last decade, efficient microwave synthesis was strictly limited to small-scale applications in R&D laboratories. Masterwave BTR is the first of a new class of instruments that effectively close the gap between research and kilo lab processing in microwave synthesis. A new patent pending microwave generation technique overcomes heating difficulties previously encountered with large volumes - Masterwave BTR provides for fast and efficient heating of a 1L reaction vessel using 1700W of installed power.

Total reaction volumes of up to 750 mL per vessel, and the powerful stirrer's capacity for agitating up to 200 g of solid material, ensure significant product output in any single run. In addition, the system's integrated cooling considerably decreases overall process times. Subsequent processing of several reaction vessels yields kilogram amounts of your valuable pharmaceutical compounds daily.

With a unique rising-sensor temperature measurement technique, Masterwave BTR features the high temperature accuracy required for direct method transfer from any smaller microwave synthesis device. That means that no re-optimization of existing microwave synthesis methods is needed.

As always, Anton Paar takes every precaution to ensure users' safety. Dealing with large amounts of chemical reagents at elevated temperatures and pressures require additional care. Due to Masterwave BTR's comprehensive safety concept and design, large scale microwave synthesis processes are as safe as using conventional reflux glassware.

SOURCE: Anton Paar USA