Case Study

Air Liquide Leverages The PI System™ To Realize A Tenfold Return From Increased Energy

Source: OSIsoft

Founded in 1902, Air Liquide is one of the world’s largest suppliers of industrial gases, including oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. Spread across 80 countries, they serve approximately three million customers across multiple industries, including medical, oil and gas, chemical and electronics manufacturers. Large Industries, a subsidiary of Air Liquide, operates hundreds of plants and primarily produces oxygen and hydrogen molecules using air separation units and steam methane reformer units. In 2015, Large Industries launched Smart and Innovative Operations (SIO.Perform, for short) initiative with two clear goals: to eliminate unplanned shutdowns and to double the efficiency gains of their gas production plants by 2020 by leveraging more value from their operational data. At PI World 2018 in San Francisco, Olivier Rioux, a project manager for the SIO initiative, told the story of how his team used operational data mining techniques to improve the economic performance of their plants and to reach their goals long before their 2020 deadline.