Case Study

A Clean Solution: Filling Processes In Washing Powder Production

Source: Siemens Industry, Inc
A Clean Solution: Filling Processes In Washing Powder Production

Mifa AG is Switzerland’s largest detergent and cooking oil manufacturer, and in addition to several types of butter, cooking oil and margarine, also produces detergents and household cleaning products in liquid and powder form. A suitable solution has now been found for the company’s outdated washing powder filling system that has done more than just positively affect productivity.

In Frenkendorf, Switzerland, the manufacturing site of Mifa AG, around 250 tons of detergent are produced every day in liquid or powder form across 17 production and 14 filling lines. The finished products are a mainly brand label items for a large Swiss retail group.

Stain remover in powder form and other powder products were previously poured into round tubs in units of 1 kg and 1.5 kg in a filling plant. However, manufacturing using filling systems that were more than 30 years old was becoming increasingly critical for many reasons - spare parts could no longer be obtained from the original manufacturers, and there were no service technicians available to work on the machines. This meant that reliable operation of the filling plant was no longer ensured.

In addition to the problem of sourcing spare parts, the machine no longer met increased demands for accuracy and cycle times. The dosing vibration chutes employed also generated too much dust during operation, which quickly lead to the contamination of the surrounding environment.