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04.09.14 -- Wastewater Plant Struggles With Particulate Contamination

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Wastewater Plant Struggles With Particulate Contamination
By Pentair Oil & Gas Separations
A plant in the southwest U.S. commissioning a wastewater plant utilizing proprietary technology for the removal of benzene, toluene, and xylene, or BTX, was experiencing challenges with throughput and elevated operational costs due to the presence of particulate contaminants.
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Advanced Online Instrumentation Helps Facility Meet BNR Goals
Advanced BNR technology coupled with new online process instrumentation helps optimize wastewater plant efficiency and eliminates much of the time-consuming lab work for process control.
Three Universal Requirements For Purchasing A Pneumatic Conveyor
In terms of pneumatic conveying, users may know that they have a 55-gallon drum of powder sitting on the floor that needs to get into a process in a certain amount of time and at a particular rate, but understanding the subtleties between dense or dilute phase and positive or negative pressure systems also requires some advanced knowledge.
Wear-Resistant Lining For Pipeline: New Applications In Canadian Oilfields
In these days of volatile oil prices, the search for new sources of energy is leading industry to Alberta, Canada, and its vast oil sands. Typically, the mining of oil sands is a more costly process than traditional oil drilling. However, the rise in crude prices has made the Alberta oilfields a viable source.
Improving Efficiencies In Pickling Baths
Rising raw material costs, environmental sustainability, and a global economy are some of the future challenges for the chemical industry. In order for production processes to run at peak performance, highly accurate, rugged, and easily integrated field instrumentation are needed.
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MCF PowerSaver Air Filtration Solution MCF PowerSaver Air Filtration Solution
The MCF PowerSaver is a sustainable, low-maintenance air filtration solution that operates with low-pressure cleaning air (7 to 9 psig). It consumes less horsepower than any other bag filter and requires no integrated plant compressed air.
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Schenck AccuRate
Illuminator FTIR Module Illuminator FTIR Module
The MIDAC M4500 series is an ideal solution for dedicated instrumentation and custom sampling configurations. Adapting a conventional laboratory FTIR loaded with instrument features you simply don't use is costly, difficult, and complicated for novice and expert alike.
MIDAC Corporation
Type UP Pneumatic Universal Rotary Actuators Type UP Pneumatic Universal Rotary Actuators
Type UP Pneumatic Universal Rotary Actuators regulate dampers, fan inlet vanes, lever-operated valves, turbine governors, fluid drives, and other final control elements.
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V-Blenders V-Blenders
V-Blenders designs are most often used for the intimate dry-blending of free-flowing solids. The solids being blended in these units can vary in bulk density and in percentage of the total mixture. Materials being blended are constantly being split and intermixed as the shell rotates.
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