News | January 16, 2014

Tingley Rubber Introduces Job Sight FR™ Flame Resistant High Visibility Apparel


Tingley Rubber has introduced Job Sight FR™ to meet the needs of workers who must wear high visibility apparel for protection from traffic hazards but also need protection from flame and arc hazards.

Piscatway, NJ (PRWEB) - Tingley Rubber Corporation, a leader in protective footwear and clothing manufacturing for over 115 years, has introduced Job Sight FR™ apparel to join its popular line of Job Sight™ high visibility apparel.

Tingley developed Job Sight FR™ to meet the needs of workers who must wear high visibility apparel for protection from traffic hazards but also need protection from flame and arc hazards as well. Electric utility workers in the US often work in conditions that require both high visibility and flame resistant protection. Other industries that need dual high visibility and FR protection include construction, waste management, telecommunications, transportation and petrochemical.
The new Job Sight FR™ line consists of products that conform to the ANSI 107 standard for high visibility and flame resistance along with the ASTM F1506 standard for flame and arc resistant apparel and NFPA 70E. This new offering features HRC 1 Class 2 Safety Vests and an HRC 2 Class 3 T-shirt and Sweatshirt.

The use of non-flame resistant high visibility garments such as vests worn over the top of flame resistant garments can dramatically decrease the effectiveness and protection of the flame resistant clothing. For workers that now require both types of protection, it is important for their safety that the high visibility products conform to the same standards as their flame resistant clothing. In many cases the new Job Sight FR™ products can replace traditional FR work wear with a product that is both flame resistant and high visibility, reducing the need for a worker to wear both.

“Safety managers, government agencies, safety consultants, and insurers recognize the need for high visibility FR clothing. To encourage compliance, we looked beyond safety and protection to design FR items with total wearer comfort in mind,” says Tingley Senior Product Manager Brian Nutt.

These products are developed with a revolutionary blend of 55% Modacrylic and 45% Cotton fibers to maximize wearer comfort and safety. Unlike other high visibility FR products that are heavy, rough and uncomfortable, the high cotton content in the Job Sight FR™ products make them soft, breathable and comfortable. With the increased enforcement from OSHA of the ANSI 107 standard and the use of FR apparel, Tingley designed its Job Sight FR™ line to make compliance easy. Job Sight FR™ apparel brings the same attention to detail and design insight that have kept Tingley an industry leader for over a century.

For more information, contact your Tingley Representative or visit the Tingley website at and download Tingley’s new Flame Resistant Testing and Standards Chart and Summary at


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