Case Study | May 22, 2012

Precise Cold-Chain Logistics Supports Global Study Of Heart Disease

Source: Marken

The challenge involved the precise cold storage temperatures (between 2-8°C) required to assure the integrity of the strips during the transfer and storage of the product to various sites around the globe.

In addition to moving bulk orders of the strips to client local offices, subsidiaries and investigator sites, expanding in-home study enrollment required delivery of smaller shipments directly to patient’s homes. The company knew they needed a vendor with both a global network of offices, distribution depots, 2-8°C refrigerated storage, and experience with the movement and storage of supplies from the manufacturing point directly to investigator sites and patients.

Marken responded with an innovative plan to provide cold-chain packaging and storage, while main­taining Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) levels and verifiable chain of custody through the entire supply chain.

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