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06.25.14 -- Overview Of Mixing Technologies For The Production Of Low To High Viscosity Adhesives

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Overview Of Mixing Technologies For The Production Of Low- To High-Viscosity Adhesives
By Charles Ross and Son Company
The ideas discussed in this paper are recommendations based on Ross’ collective experience as a provider of specialty mixing equipment to the adhesive industries for over 170 years. Mixer testing and simulation trials are recommended to confirm the suitability of a specific mixing strategy.
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Viscosity Measurement Of Lubricants For Quality Control And Cost Efficiency
Robust and accurate viscosity measurement under harsh process conditions is essential to ensure the final product quality of lubricants when manufacturing and filling lubricant oils.
Electrochemistry Theory And Practice
An electrochemical cell for pH measurement always consists of an indicating electrode whose potential is directly proportional to pH, a reference electrode whose potential is independent of pH, and the aqueous sample to be measured. If all three parts are in contact with each other, a potential can be measured between the indicating electrode and the reference electrode, which depends on the pH of the sample and its temperature.
Amine Filtration Upgrade In Louisiana Case Study
A gas processing facility in the Haynesville Shale in Louisiana runs two trains processing approximately 225 MMSCFD of sour gas and was experiencing frequent filter change outs and foaming in the amine regeneration tower. This was a new plant that was put in service four years ago and had purchased Pentair's UltiSep vessels for the inlet separation on trains 1 and 2 as well as upstream of their glycol unit. The plant did not utilize Pentair's particle filtration vessels when the plant was built.
Working Together To Solve A Feeding Problem
Pfizer Inc., headquartered in New York, produces human and animal prescription medicines for national and international markets. One of the company's global research and development centers, located in Ann Arbor, MI, operates a pharmaceutical sciences pilot plant in nearby Holland, MI, that produces preproduction quantities of various products for testing before full-scale production at other facilities. The pilot plant was experiencing an ongoing problem manually feeding a range of solid materials into various-sized inert reaction vessels that contained a solvent.
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OCX8800 Oxygen/Combustibles Transmitter OCX8800 Oxygen/Combustibles Transmitter
The OCX 8800, with its rugged design, stable sensor, electronics, and software package, is the most dependable oxygen/combustibles transmitter on the market. The time-tested and world-renowned zirconium oxide sensor is the basis for the oxygen measurement. This, coupled with the new combustibles sensor can detect oxygen and combustibles concentrations in flue gases with temperatures up to 2600°F (1427°C).
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Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical
FTIR Air Monitoring System FTIR Air Monitoring System
Since monitoring air quality is a notoriously nontrivial problem, a wide variety of techniques have been employed. The goal of using a scientific tool to perform simultaneous identification and quantification of important atmospheric components has been elusive.
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MIDAC Corporation
Used Netzsch Media Mill Used Netzsch Media Mill
One used Netzsch horizontal media mill, model LME4, with 4-liter jacketed chamber, mechanical seal with oil reservoir on base with 7.5 hp, and a 460-volt motor with controls. Serial# 201-16780, new 2000.
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Federal Equipment Company
EL3060 Series Gas Analyzer EL3060 Series Gas Analyzer
The EL3060 series is compactly built and especially designed for hazardous areas. The gas analyzer is made up of the flameproof enclosed control unit, which can also contain one analyzer.
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