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06.11.14 -- ORP, Like pH, A Valuable Measure Of Where A Reaction Stands

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ORP, Like pH, A Valuable Measure Of Where A Reaction Stands
By ABB Measurement Products
This document outlines six real-world ORP applications, in non-technical style, that will give the uninitiated reader a basic idea of the useful roles of ORP instrumentation.
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Benefits Of Batch Ultra-High Shear Mixing And Homogenization
Throughout the process industries, high-speed mixers are commonly used for a number of objectives including powder wet-out and dispersion, solubilization, particle size reduction, and homogenization.
Accurate And Reliable Online Phosphoric Acid Process Measurement
Rising raw material costs, environmental sustainability, and a global economy are some of the future challenges for the chemical industry. In order for production processes to run at peak performance, highly accurate, rugged, and easily integrated field instrumentation are needed.
Controlling Heat Exchanger Leaks
Energy costs continue to impact the bottom line at many industrial plants. Wherever possible, heat exchangers are used to capture waste heat for reuse in other areas. The capital cost of a heat exchanger is compensated by reduced fuel costs over the lifetime of the heat exchanger.
Save Money By Controlling Dissolved Oxygen In The Aeration Basin
Maintaining the proper concentration of dissolved oxygen in an aeration basin is necessary to keep microorganisms alive for breakdown of the organic waste. This can only be efficiently accomplished by using an accurate, continuously measuring system.
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Grate Magnets In Housing Grate Magnets In Housing
Eriez Tramp Iron Grate in Housings (TGH) incorporate Erium ceramic or rare earth magnet material to remove ferrous contamination from free-flowing products as it cascades through multiple grate rows within a custom manufactured housing.
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Acidproof Concrete: Structural Grade Acidproof Concrete: Structural Grade
Sauereisen Acidproof Concrete No. 54 SG – Structural Grade is a potassium silicate castable refractory for chemical-resistant construction of containment pads, trenches, walls, and other structural support columns or bases.
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Sauereisen, Inc.
Portable Industrial Vacuum For Fine Powders Portable Industrial Vacuum For Fine Powders
This portable industrial vacuum operates on safe, quiet compressed air.
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Used Chemical Fabricators Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Used Chemical Fabricators Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger
One used 645-sq-ft Chemical Fabricators shell and tube heat exchanger; 304L stainless steel tubes, tube sheets, bonnets, and shell; with 273 0.75" diameter x 8' long tubes rated to 120 PSI at 400 degrees F tube side, 120 PSI at 400 degrees F shell side; two 4" and two 1" tubes inlet/outlet; 19", 6", two 1.5" shell inlet/outlet; 6 pass design; 26" diameter x 8' long tube bundle. Serial # 90-157-G; new 1990.
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Federal Equipment Company