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07.30.14 -- Mixers For Continuous Dilution Processes

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Mixers For Continuous Dilution Processes
By Charles Ross
Static mixers and rotor/stator mixers are utilized for truly continuous in-line dilution of concentrated solutions. Advantages include high throughput, low space requirement, easy installation, performance predictability and low maintenance.
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Flare Gas Flow Measurement And Control
In oil and gas production, refining, and storage operations around the globe, flare gas systems are used to burn off and dispose of waste, excess, or off-gases, and as a safety system. The accurate, responsive, and reliable measurement of flare gas is essential in order to assure proper operation of the flare gas system, which protects people and equipment from potentially hazardous combustible gas to maintain a safe working environment and to avoid environmental contamination.
Roller Compactor PP 500
With the PP 500, Alexanderwerk offers a compactor and granulator specifically designed for use in the chemical industry. The PP 500 stands for the economic compaction of raw materials, with a throughput of up to 50,000 kg/hr and more.
Used Chemical Process Equipment
Federal Equipment buys and sells used chemical equipment. For more than 50 years, Federal Equipment Company has specialized in providing high-quality, used process and packaging equipment to an array of industries.
Three Universal Requirements For Purchasing A Pneumatic Conveyor
In terms of pneumatic conveying, users may know that they have a 55-gallon drum of powder sitting on the floor that needs to get into a process in a certain amount of time and at a particular rate, but understanding the subtleties between dense or dilute phase, and positive or negative pressure systems, also requires some advanced knowledge.
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Illuminator FTIR Module Illuminator FTIR Module
The MIDAC M4500 series is an ideal solution for dedicated instrumentation and custom sampling configurations. Adapting a conventional laboratory FTIR loaded with instrument features you simply don't use is costly, difficult, and complicated for novice and expert alike.
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MIDAC Corporation
Pentair Dualsep Pentair Dualsep
Two efficient filter elements joined together on one core make up DualSep: Compax, a proven industry leader in particulate filtration with more surface area than its competitors; and APEX, the tapered coalescing element which keeps annular velocities constant across the entire height of the element. The annular space on the outside of APEX gradually increases from the bottom to top of the element, keeping pace with the external gas flow as it exited the element.
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Pentair Oil & Gas Separations
Chemical Industry Chemical Industry
Measuring and monitoring water quality in your wastewater or boiler and cooling applications are essential for controlling energy costs. Hach Company, the recognized experts in water quality, offers a full range of process and laboratory instruments to detect and monitor water quality. Our technologies match the high demands of the chemical and refining industries to improve production efficiency, maximize up-time, and confidently stay in compliance.
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Hach Company
FibreLine No. 440 FibreLine No. 440
Sauereisen Vinyl Ester FibreLine No. 440 is a fiber-filled lining used for the chemical-resistant construction or rehabilitation of structures common to the power, pulp and paper, and petrochemical industries.
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Sauereisen, Inc.