Datasheet | December 15, 2009

MECHATRON® Low Range Coni-Flex Feeder Datasheet

Source: Schenck Process LLC

Volumetric and gravimetric MECHATRON® “LC” Feeders feature a range of customer driven design attributes including AC drive packages, a Coni-Flex™ flexible conical hopper, helix configurations for feed rates up to 21 cubic feet (595 liters) per hour and most importantly, the ability to disassemble, clean, reconfigure, and service from the non-process side of the feeder. Additionally, the MECHATRON® “LC” Feeder is equipped with Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® 4 variable frequency drives, Bulletin 800 F-series switches, and terminal blocks. MECHATRON® “LC” Feeders are perfectly suited for a wide range of volumetric or gravimetric minor ingredient feeding applications involving food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and plastic materials.


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