News | September 19, 2007

HORIBA Releases Its New In-Situ NOx/O2 Monitor

Irvine, CA - HORIBA Instruments, Inc. a leader in analytical equipment for more than 30 years provides advanced measurement and analysis devices worldwide. This year, HORIBA will be exhibiting the INM-700 In-situ NOx/O2 Monitor at the CHEM Show in New York. Using a Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2) sensor and non-extractive point measurement, the INM-700 can measure NOx and O2 at high temperatures.

The INM-700 is designed for use in coal-fired boiler applications such as near combustion point readings, or for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems control, and is a viable alternative to FGAS shelters. The monitor can be used for burner balancing/combustion tuning to identify problem areas in the furnace due to gas stratification linked to specific burner columns. As a result, the problems can be corrected to improve burner efficiencies and reduce NOx. It can perform measurements for combustion modification techniques such as Low NOx burners (LNB), over-fire air injection (OFA), gas re-burn systems, boiler tuning, or combustion optimization programs used in emissions compliance strategies.

In addition, the INM-700 offers lower installation and capital costs, and faster response time than any other model currently on the market.

SOURCE: HORIBA Instruments, Inc.

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