News | March 24, 2009

Colder Products Company Introduces Single-Trip Disposable Dip-Tube System For Extracting High-Purity Chemicals From Rigid Containers


The new 100 percent metal-free DrumQuik® PUR chemical dispensing system from Colder Products Company provides safe, easy and economic extraction of high-purity chemicals from drums, jerry cans and other bulk transfer containers while minimizing chemical exposure and contamination. The easy-to-use, closed-system design combines into one integrated unit a recyclable bung closure and dip-tube with a reusable quick disconnect coupler, ensuring that both sides are sealed from point-of-origin to point-of-use.

"The best way to minimize exposure when dispensing high-purity chemicals from bulk containers is with a closed system that eliminates the removal of the inserted dip-tube from the drum," said Thomas Braun, business unit manager, chemical and packaging products, Colder Products Company. "With DrumQuik PUR, users easily dispense high-purity chemicals by removing a shipping plug and then locking the coupler in place. This eliminates the need to install, remove or clean a dip-tube, minimizing the potential for fluid or vapor contact while allowing fast changeovers."

The all-plastic DrumQuik PUR system is comprised of two components: a PVDF coupler and an HDPE drum insert assembly. The drum insert assembly contains a bung closure and dip-tube and can be shipped as part of a drum package, providing a cost-efficient alternative to open and semi-open dispensing systems. No special tools are required to connect the coupler to the system. Clean-up and disposal are easier, because the low-cost drum insert and dip-tube can provide single-trip or multi-use capability. It can be disposed of, recycled along with the container or reused with a new container. DrumQuik PUR products are manufactured in a cleanroom and double bagged to maintain purity until ready for use.

The coupler features a built-in vent port, which allows connection of a check valve to prevent release of harmful vapors to the atmosphere or an inert blanket gas (N2 or CO2) to protect valuable chemicals from exposure to air, thus preventing contamination.

Ideal for single-use applications, DrumQuik PUR is made from FDA-approved, animal-free and RoHS- compliant materials that are compatible with high-purity chemical handling processes found in semiconductor, flat panel and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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