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02.26.14 -- City Water Treatment Processing Application

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City Water Treatment Processing Application
By Schenck AccuRate
Activated carbon (AC) filtration is most effective in removing organic contaminants from water. Organic substances are composed of two basic elements, carbon and hydrogen. Because organic chemicals are often responsible for taste, odor, and color problems, AC filtration can generally be used to improve aesthetically objectionable water as well as remove chlorine.
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Accurate Inline Process Concentration Of Corrosive Acids
Whether making batteries, fabrics, explosives, propellants, or pickling metals, corrosive acids are used throughout many industries. Accurate concentration measurement of highly corrosive acids is always difficult, oftentimes dangerous, and sometimes impossible, unless you have the right instrument for the job.
Monitoring Chemical Processes For Early Fault Detection Using Multivariate Methods
Multivariate statistical process monitoring (MSPM) has been established as a valuable tool for ensuring reliable product quality in the process industry. However, many organizations today are still not fully utilizing its potential to make significant improvements in their production environment.
Controlling Heat Exchanger Leaks
Energy costs continue to impact the bottom line at many industrial plants. Wherever possible, heat exchangers are used to capture waste heat for reuse in other areas. The capital cost of a heat exchanger is compensated by reduced fuel costs over the lifetime of the heat exchanger.
Three Universal Requirements For Purchasing A Pneumatic Conveyor
In terms of pneumatic conveying, users may know that they have a 55-gallon drum of powder sitting on the floor that needs to get into a process in a certain amount of time and at a particular rate, but understanding the subtleties between dense or dilute phase, and positive or negative pressure systems, also requires some advanced knowledge.
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Sewergard Industrial Corrosion Sewergard Industrial Corrosion
Our standard is trowelable. It is also available in sprayable and glaze, designed to meet the needs of ultra-corrosive, industrial wastewater environments.
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Sauereisen, Inc.
Total Organic Carbon Total Organic Carbon
Would having the ability to divert waste streams and adjust treatment processes in real time help you to avoid process upsets? With online instrumentation from Hach you can monitor a host of parameters that will allow you to detect process upsets and react before they cost you thousands of dollars in lost product, destroyed microbiology, or fines.
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Hach Company
Multivariable Transmitters: 266 Series Multivariable Transmitters: 266 Series
The Multivariable transmitter measures and calculates the mass flow as a function of differential pressure (DP) as well as absolute pressure and the temperature. Therefore it should be used whenever DP flow measurement needs a compensation of temperature and pressure.
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MIDAC FTIR Air Monitoring System MIDAC FTIR Air Monitoring System
Since monitoring air quality is a notoriously non-trivial problem, a wide variety of techniques have been employed. The goal of using a scientific tool to perform simultaneous identification and quantification of important atmospheric components has been elusive.
MIDAC Corporation