News | December 12, 2013

ChemChina Petrochemical Jinan Achieves Great Results

The LPG station of ChemChina Petrochemical Jinan performed well in Oct thanks to support from the production department.

The production and operation departments made efficient use of spherical tanks. The maintenance personnel maintained the machines regularly and made sure all problems were addressed on time. They adjusted some operations, such as adding pressure to cut average loading time by 20 minutes, to raise work efficiency. The personnel responsible for escorting the transport vehicles sometimes sacrificed their breaks to help operators at the pump house during busy hours to ensure loading work could proceed smoothly. Their hard work won good reviews from sales personnel and clients.

The station also established safety regulations for loading work at night. The head of the air separation unit checked on the loading procedure, safety regulations and measures to make sure they would be implemented. Thanks to efforts from all the staff, the station loaded 3,833.66 tons of gas in October, 476.4 tons more than last month.

SOURCE: ChemChina Petrochemical

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