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01.22.14 -- Benefits Of Ultra-High Shear Mixing Batch Mixing And Homogenization

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Benefits Of Ultra-High-Shear Mixing Batch Mixing And Homogenization
By Charles Ross and Son Company
Consider an ultra-high-shear rotor/stator mixer for your process. Compared to other batch-style mixers including high-speed dispersers, traditional rotor/stator mixers, and immersion mills, an ultra-high-shear mixer delivers more superior particle or droplet size reduction.
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Accurate And Reliable Online Phosphoric Acid Process Measurement
Rising raw material costs, environmental sustainability, and a global economy are some of the future challenges for the chemical industry. In order for production processes to run at peak performance, highly accurate, rugged, and easily integrated field instrumentation are needed.
X-STREAM Enhanced Suppressed Range 98 To 100 Percent CO2 — Gas Purity
The X-STREAM Enhanced analyzer provides CO2 gas purity measurement with a full range of 0 to 100 percent CO2 and a suppressed range of 98 to 100 percent CO2.
Loss-In-Weight Feeders Produce Only Gains
A polymer services company installs several load-cell-based loss-in-weight feeders to automate its ingredient-feeding process and eliminate problems caused by manually handling and feeding the ingredients.
Advances In On-Line Dissolved Oxygen Measurement Using Luminescent Technology
Use of online instrumentation for process control purposes is very common in wastewater treatment facilities. At one time, plants used online analyzers and instrumentation for monitoring only. Today, they are critical process control tools.
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Loading A Continuous Loss In Weight Feeder Loading A Continuous Loss In Weight Feeder
Loading a loss in weight feeder that is operating in a continuous mode requires the right kind of equipment.
Chemturion™ Model 3525 Chemturion™ Model 3525
The Chemturion Model 3525 is a durable totally encapsulating protective suit proven ideal for use in processing of potent compounds. This comfortably fitting suit with its 300° visor minimizes worker fatigue.
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ILC Dover
Roller Compactor Applications Roller Compactor Applications
Dry granulation is used for increasing the bulk density of powders whilst increasing the particle size, resulting in better flowing material, which is a prerequisite for manufacturing capsules and tablets on high-speed production equipment.
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Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG
Compact Differential Pressure Flow Meters Compact Differential Pressure Flow Meters
Differential pressure (DP) flow meters are the most common type of flow measurement products in use today. ABB offers a wide range of flow meters and primary elements to suit almost all applications.
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