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05.07.14 -- Amine Systems Treat Acid Gases In Refineries And Gas Processing Plants

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Amine Systems Treat Acid Gases In Refineries And Gas Processing Plants
By Pentair Oil & Gas Separations
Amine systems are used to treat acid gases in a number of industries including refineries and gas processing plants. A typical amine system consists of absorption column where the sour gas or liquid is contacted with a lean amine.
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ConoFlex 381 Chemical-Resistant Coating ConoFlex 381 Chemical-Resistant Coating
It is with great excitement that we introduce Sauereisen's latest technological advancement, ConoFlex 381. ConoFlex 381 is an environmentally friendly 100 percent solids, elastomeric hybrid polymer lining that provides superior chemical resistance to a host of aggressive chemicals.
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Sauereisen, Inc.
EL3060 Series Gas Analyzer EL3060 Series Gas Analyzer
The EL3060 series is compactly built and especially designed for hazardous areas. The gas analyzer is made up of the flameproof enclosed control unit, which can also contain one analyzer.
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ABB Measurement Products
Analytical And Laboratory Systems Analytical And Laboratory Systems
Anton Paar has a deep understanding of analytical method results in precise instruments with excellent performance and reproducibility. Openness towards customer requirements and attention to new market trends are the source of new ideas that meet the needs of customers.
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Anton Paar USA
Spheri Valves: Bulk Material Handling Spheri Valves: Bulk Material Handling
The Spheri Valve has a simple robust design and only one moving part. The same, simple design philosophy also eases the task of routine preventative maintenance and makes any parts replacement a quick and simple task.
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Schenck AccuRate