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Chemical Online takes pride in providing you with a broad range of industry-specific advertisers to meet your needs. Charles Ross and Son Company provides specialty mixing and blending equipment for applications include mixing, blending, particle size reduction, emulsification, homogenization, powder induction, vacuum processing and more. Ross serves the requirements of the Chemical Process Industries, in virtually every industrialized country around the world.


Used Flanders Isolator

One (1) used Flanders isolator, stainless steel constrstion, single sided, 3 glove station, 58" wide x 24" deep x 30" high chamber, 16" x 14" x 18" long anti chamber with doors, HEAP filter and blower, PTH monitor on stand.

Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor- WP 200

Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor- WP 200

The WP 200 Pharma is the obvious choice of compactor and granulator for production. With a throughput of up to 400kg/hr (Lactose), the WP 200 Pharma is ideal for situations of frequent product changes, special products, small batches, or for compacting and granulating of a mono product in continuous operation.